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Rent a Car Samos

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Samos is an island of the eastern Aegean, known for its sweet muscat wine, the lush vegetation and its tourist attractions, but also for the personalities it provided in Greek history, such as Aesop, the great mathematician of antiquity Pythagoras, the philosopher Epikouros, the philosopher Melissos, astronomer Aristarchos who designed the first heliocentric map and others. The first bronze statues were produced there, and the pots of Samos were renowned since 550 BC.

Access to Samos is by air from Samos State Airport "Aristarchos Samos" or by boat from the main port of the island, the port of Samos or the port of Vateos Samos, as it was previously called, while the port of Karlovassi is also important.

Your trips to Samos are easy if you have secured a rental car from Imperial Car Rental.

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The island inhabited successively the Phoenicians, the Pelasgians, the Kares, the Leleges, the Ionians. The human presence is already in existence during the Neolithic period, while some blossoming occurs during the Late Bronze Age, so the worship of Hera follows that of the prehistoric Mother Goddess.

Around 650 BC was already one of the most important shopping centers in the Aegean.

He was successively conquered by the Persians, passed to the Seleucid rule, remained prosperous during the Roman period, knew a great flourishing of Byzantium, passed into the control of the Genoese and almost deserted, conquered by the Ottomans, incorporated with Greece in 1912, passed into Italian and German occupation during the Second World War and was released in 1943.

Exploring Samos with the rental vehicle from Imperial Car Rental, you will see everywhere the traces of its long history.

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Visit the Archaeological Museum of Samos with the 5-meter colossal kouros of Lefkia, 580 BC, the New Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion, the Polycratio Wall, the Ancient Theater and the Roman Baths, the amazing Eupalinos Mining in Pythagorion, one of the seven miracles and the most important mechanical achievements of the ancient world, the Temple of Hera in Hera where the goddess Hera, the bronze statue of Pythagoras, was born and raised.

Samos is one of the most beautiful and greenest islands in Greece, with olive groves, orchards and vineyards, crystal clear seas, traditional mountain settlements, exquisite local products and the famous wine of its antiquity. The virgin nature of the island with its caves, gorges, gorges, lush paths will impress you.

Visit the Tower of Sarakin, the cave of Pythagoras, the Alyki and Glyfada habitats, the Karlovasi waterfalls.

Car Hire Samos Greece

Car rental Imperial Car Rental will prove to be a great solution for visiting the beautiful mountain and coastal villages of the island, such as Potami, Mikro and Megalo Seitani, Manolates, Stavrinides, Vourliotes, Ampelos, Palaiokastro, Mytilene, Chora, Mavratziai, Koumaraadai , Pyrgos, Mediterranean, Pandrosos, Pagoda, Spathareoi, Myli, Koumayika, Skouraika, Kallithea, Drakaki, Platanos, Hydrausa, Lekka, Kastania, Kosmadai, Konkaikaika.

Samos, the capital of the island, is a picturesque and cosmopolitan settlement, united with the traditional Vathi. Other beautiful seaside settlements are Karlovassi, the idyllic Pythagorion built on Ancient Samos, the unique Kokkari, Marathokampos, Agios Konstantinos, Ireon.

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The beautiful beaches of Samos are countless. Driving around the island with the right car from Imperial Car Rental, choose the one that suits you most, among a wide range of choices, such as Potokaki, Potami, Livadaki, Seitania, Svala, Tsambou, Lemonakia, Tsamadou, Psili Ammos, Mykali, Votsalakia, Chrissi Ammos, Kerveli.

See Agios Isidoros one of the island's little harbors, where the famous ancient Samanas dominated the Aegean Sea and swim in the bustling beach of Balsamos.

Your visit to Samos will offer you some of the most beautiful travel experiences of your life, exploring it with the comfort offered by the incomparable Imperial Car Rental car rental service.

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Rental Cars Samos Destinations

  • Ireon
  • Karlovassi
  • Kerveli
  • Kokkari
  • Marathokambos
  • Mykali
  • Potokaki
  • Psili Ammos
  • Samos Airport SMI
  • Samos Port Vathi
  • Samos Town

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